Thit Sa Entrepreneurs Institute is founded and led by a great deal of educational leadership values that provide Professional Quality Education to young generations who get attention towards becoming young business leaders in Taunggyi. Leading and steering by Business Chief Executives, Doctorates in Business Management field and Language lectures and mentors, the institute has become one of its own that paves the way for Taunggyi youth to have them become successful business leaders as well as expert in good command of English.

Our Academic Advisory Boards envision their power of knowledge to create action platform where the students can explore their imaginations, their values, their hopes, and their dreams in flexibility to reality establishing the businesses they like to pursue confidently. TSEI is the only one institute that uses the word “INCUBATION” promising to educate youth with Value Centered Actions and Results.

Catering different needs, the institute provide ABE UK Diplomas, Business Management Certification Courses, IELTS preparation Courses and English 4 skills courses with its modern collection of valuable resources and innovative approaches. Aiming to launch the MBA program in the near future, the institute has great mission to develop professionals to become successful young CEOs who has the skills on authentic leadership skills, Problem solving skill in the first changing market places.

Furthermore, the opportunity and incubation processes that are established in the institute will expend your quality future versions and horizons.


  • Serving quality education powerfully that promises professional success for new born young emerging business leaders.


  • To incubate young business leaders providing academic excellence through innovative and creative learning environments;
  • To link graduates with top companies;
  • To inculcate the attitude, values, positive mind-sets and action centered and successful result base morality;
  • To provide high quality professional oriented academic study programs at all levels of business related industries;
  • To uplift outstanding education industry quality standards in academic curricula, pragmatic teaching methods and excellent mentorship engagements;
  • To provide opportunity to develop skills and talents in accordance with individual’s interests;
  • To polish student’s competence in global thinking by having a synthesised international study environment.