CEO/President’s Desk!

Sky is the limit, as they said.

We become POSSIBLE to provide world-class knowledge in business management education to Taunggyi students who can now enable themselves as the limitless versions of their lives competing effectively to the professionals in their next doors.

Accordance with the dawn of new bright spheres ahead in Myanmar, the business related industries in Taunggyi are also combed with new challenges and changes that stand in need for local qualified business management institute which provide Quality Education.

As our team are all locals in Taunggyi, founding Thit Sa Entrepreneurs Institute, we savvy today pressing problems in business sector on how to support and answer the urgent need of business industry standard questions demanding vigorous professional quality education. As the requirements are concentrated, we inaugurate ourselves as a pioneer to provide quality education accredited by well known global organizations in Education sector incubating effective and efficient young business leaders.

Decoding the passions of new born young emerging business leaders, We, TSEI in Taunggyi providing quality business management diplomas, certification courses, IELTS preparation courses, are neck of the woods where the best and brightest students in town learn from the eminence academic leaders, entrepreneurs and strategic partnerships. The effective actions in this change have been paid off and fostering up us to get growth in next levels with more appurtenant achievements.

With our vision and mission establish strong, we now intensify sharply on our skills to innovate. We are bringing a diverse population of students to our programmes bridging the graduates and the way business industry perceived in acumen so that it can engage the advancements to make the profitable future for the companies that require valuable human capital in quality.

As the qualities promise above, I personally welcome you to participates in the endless opportunities at TSEI, making friends with unique network of outstanding scholars to become unlimited versions transforming yourself in a place where everyone involves.

21st October, 2018
Zin Myoe Sett